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Success by decision!!!

“Success and failure are results of the use of the mind.Every success-motivated mind is a decisive mind. Every failure-motivated / fear-filled mind is an indecisive mind. Only the dreamer who acted with DECISION on his great /goals bring forth something new and valuable”
Friends , “decision making is the force that shapes destiny”. Vision, decision making and change are well connected”. Decision on what we will focus on, who and what we associate with, our diet, our habits, what to invest our time on?, the thoughts we dwell on, forgive and release the past, read or not read, …………..

“Positive decisions” are faith driven decisions, are based on what we want the future to be: our family life, career, wealth, health, love, happiness……
“Negative decisions” on the other hand are fear driven decisions; “are based on previous history and an EXPECTATION that history will repeat itself”. 
Thus implying that for us to develop and sustain the ability to take positive decisions = positive actions, we need to forgive, forget and release our past and strain forward towards what is ahead (Philp 3vs 13)
“Making a decision means agreeing the consequences of the decision”. 
To achieve sustainable success: 

1. We need to stop making “decisions on how we feel” and start making decisions based on our goals.
2. Once we do 1 above – do not limit our decision by investigating the probable reasons why it will never happen. 
“Feed your faith and your fear will starve to death”. Have an unwavering faith, passion, purpose and vision driven Sunday

 its a new morning, new day, new opportunity for us to continue in our pursuit of sustainable success via our mental and physical diet. This week we will focus on Vision, Success and the Power of Decisions.


Success by association part II. 

We have to individually pursue our goal(s), our purpose, our dream while ensuring we associate with like-minded vision/purpose driven people.
Girls, by changing our belief, our thinking automatically changes, change in thinking results in change in our actions, change in actions leads to positive results / outcomes.
By eradicating limiting beliefs, renewing our mind and body and running with purpose in pursuit of our goals, our “RAS becomes a GPS for success.” 
Our seed of greatness (Our God given gift) is waiting to germinate , blossom and make a way to success for us (Prov 18vs16). We need to individually do something today that our future self will be grateful for. 

“Our beliefs (empowering or limiting) can either create success or failure. Our beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind (the Reticular Activating System -RAS part of our brain). Our RAS controls our autonomic system, directs our behavior, stores our habits, its where our emotions resides and warehouses our beliefs”
Girls, success (our individual desired outcome in family, career, business, love, health, wealth, happiness ….) does not just manifest itself, “its an evolution, a process” . According to Jim Rohn, Success is not something we pursue, ta something we attract by the person we become.
Thus implying that for me / you to attract his desired outcome, he has to become a vision driven person, change his thinking, change his habits, change his belief system, take positive action daily and continuously, renew his mind and body (visualization , prayers, meditation, exercise, healthy diet…..)

“I am my own rescue, no one else can rescue me” – Lisa Nichols
Have an unwavering faith, passion, purpose and vision driven saturday!! 

Success by association!  

if we want to have sustainable success in our family, career, business, health, spiritual life ……, we need to exercise our power of choice.
We need to individually choose to 
1. Surround ourself with and associate with people who bring out the best in us – “people who make you happy. Place ourselves in positive and engaging environments”
2. According to Prov 27vs17 Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. We need to in a deliberate manner interact / network with like -minded individuals, innovators, passion and vision driven successful people. People who share same dreams or have already achieved what we desire.
3. Associate with people who are more successful than us – have the “potential to expand our thinking and catapult our income” 
According to Will Rogers, “A man only learns in two ways: one by reading (study to show thyself approved), and the other by association with smarter people.
Have an unwavering faith, passion , purpose and vision driven day.

Believe it, achieve it! 

Turning a lifestyle of negative thought pattern into a sustainable positive thought pattern require determination, daily mind renewal, patience, persistence, change of habits and change of those we associate with.
According to Collin Powell, the less we associate with some people, the more our life will improve. An important attribute of successful people is their impatience with negative thinking and negative acting people.
“The Power of expectations subconsciously control our life to create self-fulfilling prophesies. The Expectations of those around us modify our behavior for better , or for worse”. 
We need to guard those we allow into our sphere of influence, who we spend time with, for parents and parents to be- the expectations we communicate to our children. “We get what we expect”.
Have an unwavering faith, passion, purpose and vision driven day.