Success by decision part II

Write down your vision (your desired future – family, wealth, health, love, happiness, career….), make it plain on a tablet (vision board), that ye may run (focussed forward movement) with it. The Vision is for an appointed time, though it tarries, wait for it ( requires patience & persistence) – Habak 2vs2-3
Revisiting our clearly written out Vision (Vision board) morning and night will propel us to individually “make clear daily DECISIONS that keep us moving in the direction of our goals.
Friends, “clearly written out goals sharpen present-moment DECISIONS., As we  go into a new morning, new day, new month, We need to individually Decide and Commit to be Vision driven on a daily basis: Commit to “operate out of our imagination (visualization of desired future state) and not by our memory (forgive, forget and release our past)  
Spend some time today to establish clear, committed daily goals for the month of May 2017.
“By deciding exactly what we want to accomplish, committing it to writing, and reviewing it on a daily basis, we bring our goals into reality with the power of focus” – Steve Paulina

According to H.L Hunt, to be financially successful , only two things are required, we must DECIDE exactly what it is we want to accomplish (clarity of purpose) , and secondly, we must determine what price we will have to pay to get it, and then resolve (commit) to pay that price

Have an unwavering faith, passion, purpose and vision driven day.

 happy new month!!


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