Our individual daily practice of gratitude (first thing in the morning & last thing at night) “provides the soil in which we can plant our deepest desires”, helps us to focus on and hold on to what is good = positive expectations
“Gratitude is the antidote to negative emotions, its like white blood cells for our mind and soul, protecting us from cynicism, entitlement, anger and resignation”
Girls, gratitude makes sense of our past – enables us to forgive and release our past , a key requirement for straining forward towards our goals / our vision. 
A daily practice of gratitude results in a clear & renewed mind, enhances our networking ability, our positive decision making capabilities, increases our productivity and by default the achievement of our goals

A daily practice of gratitude will help us gain a new perspective on what is important to us, focus on what really matters and become more self-aware.
Have an unwavering blind faith, purpose, passion and vision driven day. Only good awaits you at every turn today because Gods thoughts towards you are thoughts of Good……..

Good morning


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