Forgive, succeed. 

A Vision can be defined as “imaginative conception or anticipation of a desired future state”- health, wealth, family, career, business etc
We are instructed in Habakkuk 2vs2 to WRITE (put to paper, pour out our innermost desires on paper) down our VISION, make it plain on a tablet (Vision board), that we may RUN (focussed forward movement) with it. Two key words are Write and Run.
In my own experience, I know for a certainty that i write better and clearer when my mind is at peace and devoid of any form of worry or anxiety. Our God given Vision requires a renewed mind devoid of past regrets , anger, bitterness, anxiety and unforgiveness.
The word RUN on the other hand can be defined as – “move at a speed faster than a walk. A body saddled with a heavy back pack can not move at speed, an overloaded car can not move at a fast speed. 

“Unforgiveness is like extra luggage we choose to maintain and drag around; the more we carry those battered bags, the heavier they get, tiring us out and slowing us down”
Girls, this implies that in addition to daily renewal of our subconscious mind, we need to individually throw of the baggage of unforgiveness to run towards our God given vision.

I have come to discover (enormous supporting research online) that unabated and prolonged anger, bitterness, unforgiveness is harmful to health – can result in CANCER
“Unforgiveness leads to Emotional Toxicity, chronic anxiety which produce excess adrenaline and cortisol, which depletes the production of natural killer cells – the body’s foot soldier in the fight against cancer. 
No wonder we are told in Philp 4 vs6-8 to be anxious for nothing, but in everything through Prayer and Thanksgiving (act of gratitude)…………. In addition its the will of God for me, you, all of us to give thanks in all things.
Girls , as we go into a new morning, new day, make a commitment to yourself and take positive action to: forgive yourself, forgive others and release this past, seek Gods face and ask for help from above, practice gratitude, change your thinking, change your habits , change your life.

Good morning.


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