Self esteem for success 

“If you would like to build your self-esteem, remember to love yourself daily”- Louis Hay
According to Mark 12vs31, we are expected to individually Love our neighbor as ourself. 
Girls , when last did you tell yourself , when last did you look into the mirror and tell yourself, (oge/ your name) – I love you, I love you exactly the way you are right now. Hmmmmm……….
The key to starting the process is for us to individually “recognize / realize that self-esteem, self-love , self-worth: whatever you feel drawn to calling it; is a SEED that grows if we WATER” it daily – right thoughts, right affirmations ………

Girls , “we are not defined by the mistakes we make” or have made (forgive and release the past), we have to allow ourself to let go of our negative self-talk, limiting belief and LOVE Ourself
Good morning! 


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