The Spirit of Fear…

What are your thoughts #unsaidreactions #motivational #inspirational #faith #hope #love

Unsaid Reactions


we all have fears.
We all fear something or someone.

Fear: a feeling of anxiety concerning the outcome of something..

The feeling that makes you doubt all possibilities till they fade away..

Fear is destructive in all ramifications
Fear was my sin, my error, my doom.

I’ve lost a great deal to fear and still the fear of never getting them restored still consumes me.

Here’s my unsaid reaction and true story and kinda confession too..

So I had a friend, one so real and true that I could be myself with, one that made me happy, one I could vent too and be sure he was gonna have my back, one that made my day brighter just by receiving a message from, one I could share every and anything with, without being judged or ashamed.. one I could say the craziest stupidest things to and not feel like…

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