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Success by the renewal of our minds… 

The word Transformed can be defined as “make a thorough or dramatic change in form, appearance or character”
Renew on the other hand is described by Webster as “to make like new, restore to freshness, vigor or perfection”
That’s probably why we are guided in Romans 12vs2 – “be ye Transformed (throughly changed in form, attitude , character …) by the renewing (daily restoration to freshness, vigor…) of our mind (subconscious & conscious mind)

“Our mind is the place of our intellect, reasoning and intentions. All our behaviors begin in our mind. The object of our regular thinking will determine how our days, years and ultimately our life plays out. Everything starts in the mind”

Girls , “renewing our mind is a continual process needing daily help from God via prayers and meditation on HIS words; requires daily and continuous deliberate positive action on our part; pray, meditate , positive affirmations, positive visualization, positive expectations.
 We need to DECIDE to and choose to be deliberate about who and what we allow into our circle of influence.
Have a blind faith, passion and purpose driven day.
Happy Sunday
Good morning


Success by association part II. 

We have to individually pursue our goal(s), our purpose, our dream while ensuring we associate with like-minded vision/purpose driven people.
Girls, by changing our belief, our thinking automatically changes, change in thinking results in change in our actions, change in actions leads to positive results / outcomes.
By eradicating limiting beliefs, renewing our mind and body and running with purpose in pursuit of our goals, our “RAS becomes a GPS for success.” 
Our seed of greatness (Our God given gift) is waiting to germinate , blossom and make a way to success for us (Prov 18vs16). We need to individually do something today that our future self will be grateful for. 

“Our beliefs (empowering or limiting) can either create success or failure. Our beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind (the Reticular Activating System -RAS part of our brain). Our RAS controls our autonomic system, directs our behavior, stores our habits, its where our emotions resides and warehouses our beliefs”
Girls, success (our individual desired outcome in family, career, business, love, health, wealth, happiness ….) does not just manifest itself, “its an evolution, a process” . According to Jim Rohn, Success is not something we pursue, ta something we attract by the person we become.
Thus implying that for me / you to attract his desired outcome, he has to become a vision driven person, change his thinking, change his habits, change his belief system, take positive action daily and continuously, renew his mind and body (visualization , prayers, meditation, exercise, healthy diet…..)

“I am my own rescue, no one else can rescue me” – Lisa Nichols
Have an unwavering faith, passion, purpose and vision driven saturday!!