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Positive affirmations are vital for success!! 

“Our subconscious mind is like a huge filling cabinet that stores all pleasant and unpleasant experiences, habits, visual images, information from our past , through birth to childhood and present adult life”
“It’s in our subconscious mind that our habits, character traits, leaned behaviors and beliefs including limiting beliefs are registered having being learnt through REPETITION and PRACTICE.”

“Positive affirmations are phrases which we repeat to ourself which describe how we want to be (desired future state – health, wealth, love , happiness , career……).” 

With constant and deliberate REPETITION (ist thing in the morning & last thing at night), positive affirmations sink into our subconscious mind, change our beliefs and become a self-fulfilling prophesy. “There is power of life and death in our words”(Prov 18vs21)
When put to PRACTICE, our positive affirmations will “over time overwrite any limiting beliefs we have about ourself or about being able to do something, replace them with positive thoughts and beliefs which instill confidence, belief, positivity, ambition and much more”
Girls,  it thus imply that to forgive and release our past, change our thinking, change our habits, change our limiting beliefs, we need to reprogram, renew our hard disc, our auto pilot , our subconscious mind. Transformation requires renewal of our subconscious mind (Romans 12vs2).

Research has shown / proven that we can reprogram / reformat our subconscious by imputing & reinforcing new positive thoughts, positive ideas and positive action via Positive affirmations, visualization & meditation.

“Do something today, invest into your future , change your thinking , change your affirmations, guard the pathway into your subconscious mind.
Have a blind faith, passion, purpose and vision driven day.
Good morning


Believe it, achieve it.. 

The Cambridge dictionary defines the word BELIEVE as – to THINK that something is true, correct or real, to feel sure (emotion, blind faith) of the truth of, to imagine (Visualize). “Therefore whatever you ask for in prayers, believe that you have received it, and it shall be yours. Mark 11vs24 
EXPECTATION is defined / described as: a STRONG BELIEF that something will happen or be the case in the future.
Girls , according to Stephen Covey, we get what we expect both from ourselves and from others. We we expect more, we tend to get more, when we expect less, we tend to get less.

Girls, we have the assurance in Jer 29vs11 that Gods THOUGHTS towards each and everyone of us are thoughts of GOOD (good health, family, children, abundance, good success-wealth, career, business) and not of evil to bring us to an EXPECTED end. Key word is Expected = our expectation.

“The power of expectation (Strong belief) subconsciously controls our life to create self fulfilling prophesies. The expectation of those around us modify our behavior for better, or for worse. Our own expectations can fill us with energy or drive us into despair and despondency” 
Positive expectations provide the drive which energize us into achieving higher goals.\
Girls, we all need to change our thinking, change our beliefs, change our habits, change those we associate with , change our expectation to change our life.
It’s a new morning, new day, new week, new opportunity for us to individually recalibrate our mind and body,revisit of habits and take positive action in our pursuit of sustainable success in our family, career, business, our health, wealth and happiness ………..

Happy Sunday

Good morning


Our individual daily practice of gratitude (first thing in the morning & last thing at night) “provides the soil in which we can plant our deepest desires”, helps us to focus on and hold on to what is good = positive expectations
“Gratitude is the antidote to negative emotions, its like white blood cells for our mind and soul, protecting us from cynicism, entitlement, anger and resignation”
Girls, gratitude makes sense of our past – enables us to forgive and release our past , a key requirement for straining forward towards our goals / our vision. 
A daily practice of gratitude results in a clear & renewed mind, enhances our networking ability, our positive decision making capabilities, increases our productivity and by default the achievement of our goals

A daily practice of gratitude will help us gain a new perspective on what is important to us, focus on what really matters and become more self-aware.
Have an unwavering blind faith, purpose, passion and vision driven day. Only good awaits you at every turn today because Gods thoughts towards you are thoughts of Good……..

Good morning

Get out of your comfort zone! 

“A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for”- John Augustus Shedd
According to Henry Ford: One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his greatest surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do
Girls, We have a God planted seed of greatness in us, “a set of talents and unique qualities: that we must discover, develop and exploit. 
With the assurance in Prov 18vs16 that our gift maketh a way for us and brings us before great men; we have to find that burning desire to do (positive action) whatever it is (pray, meditate, blind faith, positive visualization, positive association, detox our mind and body) that moves us in the direction of our goal(s)

If we want to achieve our goal(s) – health, wealth, love, happiness etc; we have to DECIDE to and take positive action to “break free from our comfort zone, continually challenge ourself, and continually improve ourself”
“Identify your fears , and then face them step by step. Feed your faith and your fear will starve to death. Do what you fear today and see the death of fear”
Be rest assured, God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind- 2nd Timothy 1vs 7.
Have a blind faith, passion, purpose and vision driven day

Good morning

Success by decision part II

Write down your vision (your desired future – family, wealth, health, love, happiness, career….), make it plain on a tablet (vision board), that ye may run (focussed forward movement) with it. The Vision is for an appointed time, though it tarries, wait for it ( requires patience & persistence) – Habak 2vs2-3
Revisiting our clearly written out Vision (Vision board) morning and night will propel us to individually “make clear daily DECISIONS that keep us moving in the direction of our goals.
Friends, “clearly written out goals sharpen present-moment DECISIONS., As we  go into a new morning, new day, new month, We need to individually Decide and Commit to be Vision driven on a daily basis: Commit to “operate out of our imagination (visualization of desired future state) and not by our memory (forgive, forget and release our past)  
Spend some time today to establish clear, committed daily goals for the month of May 2017.
“By deciding exactly what we want to accomplish, committing it to writing, and reviewing it on a daily basis, we bring our goals into reality with the power of focus” – Steve Paulina

According to H.L Hunt, to be financially successful , only two things are required, we must DECIDE exactly what it is we want to accomplish (clarity of purpose) , and secondly, we must determine what price we will have to pay to get it, and then resolve (commit) to pay that price

Have an unwavering faith, passion, purpose and vision driven day.

 happy new month!!

Success by association part II. 

We have to individually pursue our goal(s), our purpose, our dream while ensuring we associate with like-minded vision/purpose driven people.
Girls, by changing our belief, our thinking automatically changes, change in thinking results in change in our actions, change in actions leads to positive results / outcomes.
By eradicating limiting beliefs, renewing our mind and body and running with purpose in pursuit of our goals, our “RAS becomes a GPS for success.” 
Our seed of greatness (Our God given gift) is waiting to germinate , blossom and make a way to success for us (Prov 18vs16). We need to individually do something today that our future self will be grateful for. 

“Our beliefs (empowering or limiting) can either create success or failure. Our beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind (the Reticular Activating System -RAS part of our brain). Our RAS controls our autonomic system, directs our behavior, stores our habits, its where our emotions resides and warehouses our beliefs”
Girls, success (our individual desired outcome in family, career, business, love, health, wealth, happiness ….) does not just manifest itself, “its an evolution, a process” . According to Jim Rohn, Success is not something we pursue, ta something we attract by the person we become.
Thus implying that for me / you to attract his desired outcome, he has to become a vision driven person, change his thinking, change his habits, change his belief system, take positive action daily and continuously, renew his mind and body (visualization , prayers, meditation, exercise, healthy diet…..)

“I am my own rescue, no one else can rescue me” – Lisa Nichols
Have an unwavering faith, passion, purpose and vision driven saturday!! 

Believe it, achieve it! 

Turning a lifestyle of negative thought pattern into a sustainable positive thought pattern require determination, daily mind renewal, patience, persistence, change of habits and change of those we associate with.
According to Collin Powell, the less we associate with some people, the more our life will improve. An important attribute of successful people is their impatience with negative thinking and negative acting people.
“The Power of expectations subconsciously control our life to create self-fulfilling prophesies. The Expectations of those around us modify our behavior for better , or for worse”. 
We need to guard those we allow into our sphere of influence, who we spend time with, for parents and parents to be- the expectations we communicate to our children. “We get what we expect”.
Have an unwavering faith, passion, purpose and vision driven day.