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How our mornings affect our day and life….

Our morning routines alone can have a great effect on how the day of our day goes.. 

Here are some tips to help you start your day right. 
1. Start your day with Gratitude: Makes us pick out & focus on what is working in our life. “It is selectively positive and reinforces happiness ”
2. Prayers and meditation on the word – Feeds our Faith
3. Positive affirmations & Visualization. Put to work the power of life in your word (Prov 18vs21)- “Powerful way to crystallize our vision & goals”
4. Exercise & drink water: Great way to flush toxins, nourish your brain and nerve cells – prime your. Body for the day
5. Start your day early, listen to uplifting material / music. This is known to charge our subconscious mind into a more positive outlook for the day
Girls, “we are what we repeatedly do, put the principle of sowing and reaping to work this morning, every morning , every day.
Sow a good seed into your day this morning, every morning.
Have a faith, passion, purpose and vision driven day.
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“Motivation is what gets you started , HABIT is what keeps you going” – Jim Rohn
Our habits can “help us conquer mindset issues and set us up for success”. When a new empowering habit is is “deeply ingrained, ourbrain devotes almost no resources to performing the habitual action”
Readers have has shown that confidence, willpower, determination, resilience, and perseverance are winning qualities that can be developed / sustained through daily positive action.
Girls, a “strong mindset leads to healthy, focussed DECISIONS that drive the success of everything we do” . We need to purposefully develop specific habits to strengthen our mindset and set us up for success.

To achieve sustainable success in our health, family, wealth, love, happiness, career, business ….., we need to develop a growth mindset that “focus on continuous improvement, embrace challenges and look for chances to improve and grow”

We need to develop the following habits:
1. Persistence – ability to keep at it, push ourselves – builds confidence
2. “Respond to challenges with curiosity” – when a challenge arises, instead of being frustrated , confused, or afraid, choose to be curious , ask questions, see the challenge as an adventure / learning opportunity.
3. Take responsible risk – stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zone, try new things
4. “Seek like minded people “- Cultivate the company of people who emit positive energy”
5. “Learn to Laugh” – Embrace humor of life’s journey and laughter is uplifting. This one among other habits, i myself  sure needs to work on .
Girls, take ownership of your decisions, take ownership of your habits, “take ownership of your perceptions, emotions and attitude, and embrace self-appraisal as a daily routine”
Have an unwavering faith, passion, purpose and vision driven day

Good morning

Motivation for success 

The word MOTIVATION can be defined as the “general desire (the WHY) or willingness of someone to do something”. It can also be described as the “reason(s) one has for ACTING or behaving in a particular way”.
According to Jim Rohn, motivation is what gets us started. HABIT is what keeps us going. Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines PRACTICED everyday. “What we are and what we become depends on how we use our time”

Research has shown that highly successful people :
1. Plan their day the night before. Make out some thinking time to list out priorities for the day before going to bed
2. Make continual learning a must- read inspirational books daily
3. Make their health a PRIORITY- exercise , eat right and think right
4. Maintain FOCUS and are decisive 
5. Make the most of the moment. They live in the present, dont dwell on past errors, mistakes and learning experiences.
Exercise your power of choice, power of decision today. Invest in yourself, take personal responsibility and get going with positive action 
Ladies, good daily empowering habits can help us to individually create a life that is full of positive action and accomplishment. It all comes down to the small and big decisions we make daily – to exercise or not exercise, eat healthy, guard our heart, read, meditate, pray, practice gratitude………..
Have a blind faith, purpose and passion driven day

Good morning

Positive affirmations are vital for success!! 

“Our subconscious mind is like a huge filling cabinet that stores all pleasant and unpleasant experiences, habits, visual images, information from our past , through birth to childhood and present adult life”
“It’s in our subconscious mind that our habits, character traits, leaned behaviors and beliefs including limiting beliefs are registered having being learnt through REPETITION and PRACTICE.”

“Positive affirmations are phrases which we repeat to ourself which describe how we want to be (desired future state – health, wealth, love , happiness , career……).” 

With constant and deliberate REPETITION (ist thing in the morning & last thing at night), positive affirmations sink into our subconscious mind, change our beliefs and become a self-fulfilling prophesy. “There is power of life and death in our words”(Prov 18vs21)
When put to PRACTICE, our positive affirmations will “over time overwrite any limiting beliefs we have about ourself or about being able to do something, replace them with positive thoughts and beliefs which instill confidence, belief, positivity, ambition and much more”
Girls,  it thus imply that to forgive and release our past, change our thinking, change our habits, change our limiting beliefs, we need to reprogram, renew our hard disc, our auto pilot , our subconscious mind. Transformation requires renewal of our subconscious mind (Romans 12vs2).

Research has shown / proven that we can reprogram / reformat our subconscious by imputing & reinforcing new positive thoughts, positive ideas and positive action via Positive affirmations, visualization & meditation.

“Do something today, invest into your future , change your thinking , change your affirmations, guard the pathway into your subconscious mind.
Have a blind faith, passion, purpose and vision driven day.
Good morning

Decide and act!! 

“If you want to have more, you have to become more. Success is not something you pursue. Success is something you attract by the person you become”-Jim Rohn. Woke up this morning with Jim’s quote on my mind, got me thinking….
The word act is contained in the word attract. For me, you, us to individually attract sustainable success in family, career, business , health, wealth, we have to be transformed , we have to become a better & different person physically, mentally, emotionally and above all spiritually.
Girl, “if we can go there (desired future state) in our mind , we can go there in body. For things to change, we have to change, for things to get better, we have to get better at Decision making”

To achieve sustainable success, we have to on a daily basis engineer our thinking, our habits, our decisions and our actions – ensure alignment with our vision, our goal(s) and our dreams.
Have an unwavering faith, passion, purpose and vision driven day. Only good awaits you at every turn today. Have only positive expectations.

Good morning.

Success by decision!!!

“Success and failure are results of the use of the mind.Every success-motivated mind is a decisive mind. Every failure-motivated / fear-filled mind is an indecisive mind. Only the dreamer who acted with DECISION on his great /goals bring forth something new and valuable”
Friends , “decision making is the force that shapes destiny”. Vision, decision making and change are well connected”. Decision on what we will focus on, who and what we associate with, our diet, our habits, what to invest our time on?, the thoughts we dwell on, forgive and release the past, read or not read, …………..

“Positive decisions” are faith driven decisions, are based on what we want the future to be: our family life, career, wealth, health, love, happiness……
“Negative decisions” on the other hand are fear driven decisions; “are based on previous history and an EXPECTATION that history will repeat itself”. 
Thus implying that for us to develop and sustain the ability to take positive decisions = positive actions, we need to forgive, forget and release our past and strain forward towards what is ahead (Philp 3vs 13)
“Making a decision means agreeing the consequences of the decision”. 
To achieve sustainable success: 

1. We need to stop making “decisions on how we feel” and start making decisions based on our goals.
2. Once we do 1 above – do not limit our decision by investigating the probable reasons why it will never happen. 
“Feed your faith and your fear will starve to death”. Have an unwavering faith, passion, purpose and vision driven Sunday

 its a new morning, new day, new opportunity for us to continue in our pursuit of sustainable success via our mental and physical diet. This week we will focus on Vision, Success and the Power of Decisions.